I wrote a prayer this morning

It just seemed like the thing to do. Maybe just think of it as a poem for national poetry day. If you’re not of my faith (or of no faith) I’m sure you will still agree with many of the sentiments.

Dear Lord,
Protect my family and me from this terrible disease.
Make us strong, make us healthy, make us brave, make us safe.
Let us be patient and generous and kind with each other.
And let us be aware at every moment of our love for one another.
Give us hope and laughter to take us through these dark, dark times.
Make our faith real again,
So that we can find the hope and encouragement of your love.
Protect us from anxiety and stress, and give us peace to share with one another.
Guard our friends and neighbors and keep them safe.
Protect the health-care workers and all others who have placed themselves in harm’s way for our good.
Keep them brave and strong.
And give them rest and reward, peace, and a sense of our immense gratitude for all their difficult labors.
Guide our President and our leaders, and give them newfound wisdom
So that they will do what’s right and safest for our people and all the people of the world.
Give those who are sick and dying the strength to fight the disease and recover
But if that is not your will for them, please make their suffering short
And their trials full reparation for any wrong they have ever committed.
And make their rewards great and lasting in the world to come.
We ask this all in Jesus name,

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