What’s a girl to do when she comes face to face with the fact that DNA has been overly generous with her family (right around the midsection)… and she decides she has to deal with a backside of Kardashian proportions?

Well, for the heroine in Lori Schaeffer’s new story, The Hannelack Fanny, there are three stages, 1 – denial (bulky sweats and tent dresses) 2 – acceptance (sorrowfully) and finally 3 – rejoicing (brought on by a boyfriend who really appreciates her gifts.) It’s this latter stage that gives the story its kick and suggests that self-acceptance and open expression are the keys to real happiness. 

The story is not for everyone of course, if direct and very funny dialogue about sexuality makes you nervous, or if you still want to hang on to all those taboos about non-missionary positions, then this book is not your cup of tea. But, if you want a breezy discourse on the adventures of a girl who let’s her body express itself with amazing and gratifying results, then read The Hannelack Fanny. You’ll laugh your ass off.