A great set of stories by a guy who knows how to tell them and, just as importantly, read them aloud. The audiobook is especially enjoyable because of Gaiman’s gentle voice and perfect delivery (after all, he wrote it.)

Here are my favorites: Chivalry – an understated tale of an older woman who finds the Holy Grail in a thrift shop. It is clearly identified as such. So then she has to deal with Sir Galahad when he arrived to claim the grail as the goal of his quest. Of course, being Chivalrous, Galahad is very nice about it all. Unfortunately for him, the grail just looks so lovely on the old woman’s mantlepiece.

How to Talk To Girls At Parties – a coming of age story I guess, about a teen who really isn’t very good at making small talk with girls. Of course, the party our hero and his macho pal crash slowly and awkwardly reveals itself to be for a group of young ladies from another galaxy.

Sunbird – a club of epicureans have grown rather tired of their usual exotic fare. So they decide on the ultimate dinner… the sunbird, which leads to spectacular, (though rather dire) consequences.

The case of the four and twenty blackbirds – a really “fun” story… sort of Sam Spade meets a song of sixpence and a whole bunch of other nursery rhyme characters.

The Witches Headstone – a little boy lives in a graveyard, where, one night, he discovers that the ghost of a young witch lives just outside the hallowed grounds. He likes her and wants to do something nice for her.