[Add photo] Nick wrote his first novel, The Quest for the Holy Grail, at the age of 12 while attending Nazareth Hall Cadet School in Rochester, New York. Sister Marie Paulus immediately seized the manuscript and promised to have it published. Six weeks later when Nick found it on her desk, he reclaimed it and discovered a little note attached.

“Nice work – he should keep it up.” Mitch.

Nick never learned who Mitch was, and Sister Marie wouldn’t tell. Still, in spite of the encouraging words, it was his first rejection slip.

Since then Nick has amassed an impressive collection of rejection slips, but he has also published ten novels, six technical books, a nationally known management book, and dozens of poems. His humorous business tome, Management by Guilt, became a selection of the Fortune 500 Book Club and The eLit Digital Publishing Awards named Nick’s Taken By Witches Best Horror Novel of 2016.


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Personal Stuff

Nick married the prettiest girl in Rochester New York over 50 years ago. They have three brilliant children and three exceptional grandchildren. They continue to travel the world in search of spectacular scenery, cozy hotels, daring adventures, delicious food, and unique baby clothes.

Nick has a Bachelor Degree in Communication from The University of Notre Dame and a Master Degree in Film Production from Stanford University.